Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time for Me to Get Back to Writting Everyone again

       So today i had an Endometrial Biopsy and I can say its not my fave. It does hurt like they warn ya about but, its not as bad as i first thought. Well after it was over and I got home I got on the comp and ROCKED my SOCKS Off with . My friend and sis of the heart BlazingStarr is the best DJ the other side of the internet, with a few more DJs that are there to ROCK your SOCKS off. You can request songs of all kinds including the Gummy Bear Song. Of course my sis "Starr" also Killed the Gummy Bears lol. So every now and again I like to request it just for her hehehhe. Oh ya I got another Poem Published called "Added to The Equation". I will have gotten the book here in a few more weeks. Im excited to get that.
        Well again Bear with me as Im starting to figure out this blog I promise I will get better. Hope that if youre having one of those days you will tune into with me an they will have you smiling and Rockin off your Socks.


  1. Happy Birthday My Sweetest Sis!! I hope its the best ever! If I could be there to celebrate your day with you in person I would be there... miles and miles separate us and they still haven't invented the method to project oneself instantly from one location to the other.. With that being said, Im with you in heart and spirit my sis. Rock Mssterz Radio is celebrating your birthday the whole day.. your fav song is being played each DJ in honor of you and all your awesomeness!
    I wuvie youuuuuuuu!! Starr

    1. well crap... typonese bites big ones, mispelled my own radio station.. hahaha.. its Rock Masterz Radio... duh me.


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