Thursday, November 1, 2012

Energy Shot Blog

Energy Shot Blog

Bidcuda Cards Help Me Out Please

CudaBall is a race to fill a game card.
Reach 50 players first and we'll randomly select one of you to receive the prize for FREE!
The first 3 game cards to fill win, and we'll randomly select a player from a winning card to receive the prize.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still In The Works Hang W/ Me Please

            I'm still learning about blogging and bring you all the coolest ideas. Some giveaways, sites I love to visit, and this and thats for anything goes with me on my blog. You just never know what the days may bring me so its a surprise to you as well. I have been doing physical therapy 2 times a week for my left knee. I had a Fulkerson Osteotomy an my knee grinds badly. Well a few wks ago I an few friends were walking uphill in Seattle area an grrrrrr wheres the down hills. LMAO I swear!. It upset my knee so bad it felt like a mush ball was in my knee. Anyways I been trying to take it easy an not getting on the comp as much since sitting to long makes the knees stillin up. So I wont be updating this blog daily. I have some buttons on the side that I would love for you my readers to check out until I can get this blog really spruced right like I am learning to do. I want to have sections an stuff to link to categorize my stuff. like at the top I want button links small ones that would go to giveaways, food for thoughts, Makings in the kitchen an Crafts for all sub pages basically. But i don't know how to do that yet. an I cant afford someone to make me one an cant afford to by an actual web site. So this will have to do for now.
                                           SO Hang W/ Me Please Til Next Time

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Fun FB Group to help fill up your Bidacuda cards that you can win nice prizes from Join and have some fun with us!!!/groups/343636875729916/

                                                            Next Time ;)

            I do have a few favorite spots to the left that I go to. is also a great place to receive products to try out they send you a package with goodies for you and coupons to share with others. I love it. Like one was The Breeze Cat Box system that works great even with multiple cats. just scoop the poo to the toilet like I do an change the pad underneath once a week an the pellets once a mo. well I change them every 3mo for the pellets. lol they also gave me several coupons to pass to friends neighbors postal work whomever for $10 off. That was cool.
I have even tried the Pacific Coconut Water by SoBe. in the pack I received a special coconut flavored chap stick. mmm mmm the only issue I had was even with a free drink an a coupon for one free an a few to share with almost half off, I wanted to eat the chap stick it was so tasty. i found myself putting it on several times a day hehehehe.
Then there is I love the great chances of gathering family and or friends to your house or theirs or somewhere you choose. I like the Party packs usually for up to 15 people. They even supply you with some stuff to help you start your party off right. they also have an I earn $5 if you are a new user an buy something through their special savings on items you might like. So come join me there an buy buy buy!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Next

     OK so now that everyone knows a little about me I hope everyone will keep coming back because you never know what I might have on here next. I am always looking for a new giveaway or sweeps. Always having something new to write about even when I had a boring day. Like yesterday I went to the orthopedic surgeon who said the arthritis in my knee looks to be deteriorating. I have bone spurs in my knee and some sort of cyst on the back of knee.
Great more physical therepy and nothing can be done. More or less it hurts worse than ever but it was a strain or sprain sort of thing. I would rather it be broke than they can fix it. I get to ice it an heat it an carefully exercise it. Yah me. And to top it all off I had a raging headache for 15 hrs straight after he shot me in the knee with hydrocortizone shot. ouchy ouch ouch.

                                              Till I Get Back On

     So now I should let you know I love Sweeps, Giveaways, Freebies and such. I do lots of surveys for different places. I also am still a bzzagent and Im on and Im on the Fence as well. I do reveiws for different products, foods clothes, the breeze cot box which I highly recommend and lots of other stuff. Im on Marlboro an Camel as well. I have won a Mountain bike, Zipo lighters, ashtrays, hats an other prizes from these places an spaces so look me up come be my friend or follow. feel free to add the sites I recommend as well. GOOD LUCK to anyone whom follows my postings, or tweets.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

check out theres a new campaign I was invited to try out and Im excited to be a part of it

This campaign from BzzAgent (thats me) is new an exciting an will help me start my day off right. Its all about coffee an fair trade. Together it is perfect knowing with ea. cup I will be helping to ensure good or better working conditions amoungst other things. this is going to be cool. I will also be tweeting this Bzz when I get it until then you wait Ill let you know how great the coffee really is or not. lol as if...

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