Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Instant Win Games, Sweeps, Giveaways!

Instant Win Games, Sweeps, Giveaways! Thanks to Saving Common Cents I was able to play some daily sweeps and instants. Thanks for the work you put into blogging this I have a chance to remember to go back to them daily myself ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Impressions of Glade Expressions

         Have you ever had a moment where you had unexpected company come over. Yet your house wasn't quit at its freshest. Well I had. No more of that. With Glade Expressions your home can feel as welcoming anytime day or night. Your home doesn't need to look like you tried to hard either. Nor do you need it to look like a stuffy Doctors office. No offence to the Doctors. It can smell great an look great too even after coming home from shopping an dropping kids here an there an cooking all day and dogs run a muck all through the house after rolling in the dust. Your home can smell like a tropical island with the Glade Expressions pineapple, mangosteen. mmm mmm. Your guests might even look for the beach or the palm trees. But this is just my impressions of Glade Expressions. You can go find yours which is stylishly sleek in design and full of yummy fragrance like the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice or Cotton & Italian Mandarin the other one is Lavender & Juniper Berry. Four smell goods for your home waiting to be bought at Wal-mart and other stores too. Thanks to being a BzzAgent I am proud to share my $4.00 off coupons and my $2.00 off of the Glade oil diffuser an the fragrance Mist which woohooo its refillable. That's right you can now refill the sprayer and the oil diffuser as well. I love it. That will help save even more money and more waste too. and with the 2 an 4 dollar coupons from BzzAgent and shopping at Walmart it is practically free. OK very cheap to buy the start up kits like the mist is only $1.55 and the oil diffuser was only $2.25 give or take depending on the store an state you live in. But its so worth the money at any cost.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time for Me to Get Back to Writting Everyone again

       So today i had an Endometrial Biopsy and I can say its not my fave. It does hurt like they warn ya about but, its not as bad as i first thought. Well after it was over and I got home I got on the comp and ROCKED my SOCKS Off with http://www.rockmasterzradio.com/index2.html . My friend and sis of the heart BlazingStarr is the best DJ the other side of the internet, with a few more DJs that are there to ROCK your SOCKS off. You can request songs of all kinds including the Gummy Bear Song. Of course my sis "Starr" also Killed the Gummy Bears lol. So every now and again I like to request it just for her hehehhe. Oh ya I got another Poem Published called "Added to The Equation". I will have gotten the book here in a few more weeks. Im excited to get that.
        Well again Bear with me as Im starting to figure out this blog I promise I will get better. Hope that if youre having one of those days you will tune into http://www.rockmasterzradio.com/index2.html with me an they will have you smiling and Rockin off your Socks.

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