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So I write poetry the best I can and I have had 3 Editors Choice Awards and have a total of 9 poems published. I'm so excited. I even bought the book that has one of my poems. I soon hope to buy the next one that has my latest poem written about my youngest son. Hes 15 an he wanted to have one written for him or about him. When my oldest was born I wrote a poem about him and his father called "Awaken By Mans Tear". This new poem is called "Adding To The Equation". I submitted it yesterday to www.poetry.com. They have published me before. 3 other poems where published by GE. Yes General Electric had published a poetry book written by the students of Tongue Point Job Corps which I attended from 1989- 1991. Oh how I miss them days and my friends. At least the ones that were true to me.

I write whats inside my heart at the time I feel the movement. It just flows. Sometimes though, Im no where near paper an pen or on a computer at the time I start feeling the words fly from my heart. I try to remember what I thought about but it sometimes seem alot different on paper later. So I do try to keep paper an pen in several spots. Like I leave it in the car, in my purse, all over the house.

I wrote about both my boys, to my boys, about my new hubby, an about my ex hubby. Ive written a poem in a cafe about my first crush turned into crash. lol I have written about addictions, about my stepdad an about my mom. Poetry is all around. YOu can write about the seasons like I did in 3rd grade. I turned it into my teacher way back than and got an A+ for it. I named it the "Four Seasons" Fall is cool and red. Winter is cold and white. Spring is warm and green. Summer is hot and brown. That was my 3rd grade poem. We had an assignment to write about the weather since we were studing the seasons and the color wheel at the time it was perfect.

Till Next time

I feel like I have writers block. I dont know what to say or write about. I want to write another poem and publish on www.poetry.com but Im having issues with what to write about or about whom. I'm lost almost. This only happens to me sometimes but grrr it cramps the brain. I have been having frequent headaches alot lately and that bothers me. I also been dealing with charlie horses in my legs so much everyday and night too. thats driving me bonkers. I've been trying to get this blog going but struggeling with some details on how to make like a grab button for my page and making tabs that link to other pages to group the stuff so you wont have to see it all ifin you dont wanna. like a tab for giveaways, parenting tips, crafty ideas, food 4 thought, fave spaces an place, pictures of things lol. I just feel stupid when it comes to building this blog site but I cant afford for someone to do it for me and cant afford to pay for an easy web site maker. I just like to write an talk and share my thoughts. So I will once again blog at you later.

Till I have time

I got yet another poem published WoooHooo. Published by Iternational Poetry. Its in a book called "Who's Who In International Poetry 2012". Im very excited its title to the poem I wrote is "Adding To The Equation". Its about my youngest son Cody and his Step dad Jeff. I couldnt be more proud its relates to bring Jeff into our family and the skills of math the Cody seems to have.

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