Writing Whatevers and a Vent or Two

Just a place to Write Whatever

OK, so this is my first blog and maybe I want to write whatever. So here goes nothing. WHATEVER! Yes this is something I been wanting to do and wanting to try. Just so I can say I did it. So whatever.

Idiot Insurance Co. Plays Surgeon

I should let you know a few things about myself. I have had 12 yes people, 12 surgeries. 10 were Arthritis related. 2 failed lower back fusions. One failed due to an insurance company through Oregon Health Plan that denied my hard shell back brace after having L4 to S1 levels of my back fused. So 2 screws came loose. Well they ground away the new bone that was trying to grow due to not being properly braced, which I have in black and white. Well anyways, I finally got approved for the Hard shell brace and get this the insurance told the surgeon she couldn't put screws an rods in for the second fusion because the first failed using titanium ones. I mean Really? Who is the surgeon the insurance head honcho or the one that went through rigorous amounts of schooling to learn what she did. So bone from other hip an fused with fractured bone. An guess what? Yep it failed. Grrrrrr!! So can I find a lawyer willing to sue that particular insurance co. Nope not thus far. So I deal with the pain daily because its still fractured an nothing that Ive been told can be done to fix it now.! WHATEVER!

Family Matters To Me

I have 2 wonderful boys. My oldest son is 21 Well after taking care of his mother (that's me lol) he decided to go to Job Corps (like me) and become a Certified Nurses Asst.. Well He graduated with his GED scoring 800pts. in Reading out of 800pts. and his GNA (general nurses asst.) due to being only 17yrs. old and not being able to take the State test til he turned 18. So I can say I'm one PROUD mother. He now is living and working in Central Oregon. I couldn't be more happy. He overcame some real tough challenges through his life.
Now my youngest he is the Math Whiz or at least 10x's better at math than I ever was. He gets an understands Algebra and now he is taking Geometry which OK I find to be easier than algebra by a long shot. Yet last yr. freshman in high school an he made straight A's in Algebra. I failed basic math all through school. lol He isn't so good at wanting to read but he is getting better. I'm PROUD of his acting talent as well as his math capabilities. He has been the easy child. I think he watched his brother getting into trouble an the punishments he feared. NO, I didn't need to whoop on their butts. Though I wanted to. My youngest just knew he didn't want grounded or what I learned to be the TEASPOT (Take Everything Away for a Short Period of Time). This works wonders. I found with big bad broken rules Short becomes Long and sends a stronger message.
My oldest would push my buttons. One incident was so bad he had to go to court an I grounded his hinney to his room for 9 mo. with a bible a dictionary and a series of Robert Gordon books that was over his reading level at the time. Yet he had no toys no games no nothing to play with and he ate mostly in the hall out front of his room. He had to ask to use the restroom and all. He had to do mommas home schooling since he was expelled and no court school no normal curriculum. So I made it up as I went along. My youngest just never done anything in comparison to warrant major punishment.

After I got remarried to a wonderful man that doesn't hit me or my children, life seemed to come together. I enjoy getting up everyday. Well other than the pain I have to deal with daily. I have been coming to realize women are not a prize possession. We are humans with the right to be respected an do not need to bow down to the mans every wish. My hubby respects me an asks me for my opinions. He treats my sons like he would his own like a young man growing into his own-self. We enjoy the companionship of ea. other. We agree to disagree when we can't agree. We watch allot of the same shows and love going to the movies for a date night. He lets me be me, and I let him be him.

Till Another Day


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